The services provided by a Consulting Engineer may be classified under one or more of the following categories.

Pre-feasibility Studies

A pre-feasibility study is resorted to in order to determine the viability of a project prior to embarking on a detailed feasibility study with or without a number of possible alternatives.

The activities will generally include, but will not be limited to the following.

  • Study of the Client's brief and conceptual proposals for the project.
  • Collect and review all available data and information relevant/useful to the study.
  • Carry out preliminary reconnaissance surveys and investigations appropriate in extent and detail where necessary to supplement available information
  • Study alternative proposals where alternative proposals are possible and recommend the most viable option
  • Make a preliminary environmental impact assessment
  • Carry out preliminary economic viability of the project
  • Prepare a preliminary estimate of costs

"Report on the merits of proceeding to the next stage of detailed feasibility studies.

Feasibility Studies

The activities will generally include but will not be limited to, the following;

  • Study and Review the Terms of Reference for the project, discuss with the Client and submit comments if any on the Terms of Reference and make suggestions where necessary for clarification or for improvement of performance in carrying out the project for Client's concurrence.
  • Carry out preliminary surveys and preliminary site and soil investigations and other necessary investigations appropriate in extent, for the study.
  • Collect and study all necessary data relevant to the project.
  • Study statutory and local authority requirements and advise client to obtain approval where necessary.
  • Co-ordinate the services provided by the other consultants.
  • Study possible alternative proposals including economic viability.
  • Prepare preliminary designs and drawings for the proposals including those for the alternatives where necessary.
  • Prepare cost estimates including those for alternative proposals where necessary.
  • Compare alternative proposals where these have been considered and make�recommendations to the Client.
  • Prepare environmental impact assessments and reports arising from statutory planning requirements.

Detail Engineering Design and Preparation of Tender Documents

Arrange detailed surveys, detailed site and soil investigations and other investigations necessary for the preparation of designs, drawings and specifications.

  • Prepare design reports, develop detailed design, tender drawings/working
  • drawings.
  • Co-ordinate the design and documentation provided by other consultants.
  • Prepare complete Tender Documents comprised of Conditions of Contract, Bills of Quantities, Specifications and Drawings.
  • Prepare programme of work for the project.
  • Prepare the engineer's estimate.


  • Advise the client on methods of procurement.
  • Assist the Client on invitation of tenders, evaluating and reporting on tenders received and in negotiating a contract.
  • Prepare contract agreements for signing.

Construction Supervision and Contract Administration

Carry out the duties assigned to the Consulting Engineer in terms of the contract including;

  • Approve the contractor's work programme taking in to consideration the work programme of other contractors subject to revision if necessary.
  • Review the Contractor's work proposals and request for revision if necessary to ensure satisfactory execution and safety of work and personnel.
  • Co-ordinate work with other consultants.
  • Detailed day to day supervision through a Resident Engineer.
  • Ensure testing and quality control for conformity.
  • Review project cost and advise client of any changes.
  • Check measurements and certify interim payments.
  • Ensure the preparation and submission of "as-built" drawings & manuals.
  • Issue certificate of completion according to the contract on substantial completion of the works.
  • Inspect the Works during the defects liability period (maintenance period) and ensure that the contractor attends to all the defects.
  • Inspect at the end of the defects liability period and report to the Client.
  • Issue maintenance certificate when due, as final completion of contract.
  • Advise the Client on final payment of all amounts due to the contractor including the release of retention money and bonds.

In addition to above, the services under the Electrical and Mechanical works include the following;

  • Approval of Working drawings and the erection programme.
  • Supervision of installation, testing and commissioning of plant and equipment including acceptance of test certificates and reports.
  • Approval of maintenance manuals.

Project Management

Scope of Project Management Services provided by a Consulting Engineer under different methods of project implementation such as;

  • Administered Contracts
  • Design and Build Contracts  and,
  • Turnkey Project Contracts are described in a separate document.

Technical Services

These services relate to;

  • Reports on the condition of an existing structure and assessment of the strength/suitability for a specific purpose.
  • Reports on damage to or collapse of a structure.
  • Reports on quality of works.
  • Testing and reporting on a structure or part of a structure.
  • Reports on defects and their rectification.

Dispute Review Services

A Consulting Engineer may as an individual provide his services as Adjudicator, Dispute Review Expert or a member of an Adjudication Board or a Dispute Review Board.

He may be appointed to any one of the above positions as relevant in terms of the provisions in the contract containing provisions for adjudication or dispute review, or by an appointing authority stipulated in the contract.

The services to be provided shall include:

  • i.Visit to the site of the work with representatives of the parties, preparation and submission of reports on visits or give evidence in an arbitration.
  • Conducting discussions and hearings on disputes referred to him for his recommendation.
  • Formulating recommendations for settlement and submitting to the parties.

His services shall be confined to the activities provided under the relevant contract, which is in dispute and he will not tender advice or consultation on matters dealing with the conduct of the contract work.

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